If you want to come to Japan and live together with your same-sex spouse…

Unfortunately, same-sex marriage has not been legalized in Japan yet even though the number of countries legalizing the same-sex marriage has been increasing globally.

Therefore, a same-sex spouse is not applicable to any “spouse-related” visa status such as “Spouse of Japanese National”, “Spouse of Permanent Resident”. Even he/she cannot apply for Dependent visa status as a spouse of a work-related visa holder.

However, there is a possibility to bring your same-sex spouse if both of your countries legalize same-sex marriage and you and your spouse registers marriage officially and lawfully in each of your countries. The visa type is called as “non-prescribed Designated Activities (特定活動・告示外)”.

Also, through a lawsuit of a same-sax spouse legitimately married to a Japanese national in the US, the Immigration Office has granted “non-prescribed Designated Activities (特定活動・告示外)” to the same-sex spouse in March, 2023 even the same-sex marriage is not legalized in Japan.

“Non-prescribed Designated Activities (特定活動・告示外)” visa status is a special visa type granted based on considering each situation, so you should plan the application carefully before you apply for it.

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