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within the jurisdiction of the Osaka Immigration Office

Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Shiga and Wakayama

We provide visa-related services mainly;

Application for COE (Certificate of Eligibility) for those who wish to stay/live in Japan

Application for Change of Visa Status, Visa Renewal and other procedures for residents in Japan

Application for PERMANENT RESIDENT status

Visa Application (HSP/PR) based on HSP point scheme for Highly Skilled Professionals

Visa Application with setting up a corporate entity (KK/GK, BO) in Japan

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Qualified Invoice Issuer Number / 適格請求書発行事業者登録番号について

Aug 18, 2023

弊所の適格請求書発行登録事業者登録情報は次のとおりです。 登録番号:T7810922091838氏名:石田 友彦屋号:アイソシア行政書士事務所事業所所在地:大阪市中央区内本町1-2-15谷四スクエアビル6F登録年月日:令和5年10月1日 Our Qualified Invoice Issuer Number and information on the register is as follows; Registration Number: T7810922091838Name: 石田友彦 (ISHIDA Tomohiko) Office Name:アイソシア行政書士事務所 (i-socia Advisors) Office Address:大阪市中央区内本町1-2-15谷四スクエアビル6F (Tani-yon Square Bldg …