i-socia Advisors (アイソシア行政書士事務所) provides services regarding application for visa status and administrative procedures in Japan related to as follows:

  • Application for visa status to living and/or working in Japan.
  • Application for Permanent Resident.
  • Setting up a corporate entitiy (KK and GK) and branch office in Japan.
  • Business license and permit related to medical equipment and cosmetics, real estate dealers, liquor, restaurant and cafe, secondhand dealer, and other types of business.

Our clients mainly come from the following countries:
United Kingdom, France, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, China, South Korea, Bolivia, Peru, Belgium, Brasil, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Sri Lanka, Canada, United States, Taiwan, Slovak Republic, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Portugal, Pakistan, Sweden, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam, Algeria, Hong Kong, Italy, Ethiopia, Netherland…

Photos on this website are taken by our representative and staff. Diversion and reproduction of these photos without permission is prohibited.

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Office Name 事務所名

i-socia Advisors (アイソシア行政書士事務所)

Representative and Advisor 代表と担当者

石田 友彦(行政書士・FP)
ISHIDA Tomohiko (Licensed Administrative Scrivener・FP)

Advisor in charge

Address 所在地

Tani-yon Square Bldg. 6F, 1-2-15 Uchihommachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 5400026
大阪市中央区内本町1-2-15 谷四スクエアビル6F
Access・Map / アクセス・地図

Phone 電話番号

We are afraid that we don’t accept any inquiry in English on the phone to prevent from misunderstanding of your situation. Appointment is required to visit our office. Please send your inquiry via Inquiry Form.

Email メールアドレス

For inquiry and question, please use our Inquiry Form.
In case that you have never communicate with us before, please provide the information below at least;

  • copy/paste the title as “[eng.daikou-office.com] inquiry”
  • your full name (and company name if any):
  • nationality:
  • current residence address (city/country):
  • current visa status, period of stay and date of expiry (if you are staying in Japan):

We are afraid that we do not answer any email without questioner’s name (name of company and the person in charge in case of a company) and/or emails which are considered as a spam.

Office Hours 営業時間

Weekdays 9:00 – 17:00 平日 9:00-17:00 
Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays 定休日 土・日・祝祭日・年末年始

Our Services 主な取扱業務

Related Comapny 関連会社

i-socia co., ltd.(株式会社アイソシア)

Access and Map アクセス・地図

By train: TANIMACHI 4-CHOME Station (TANIMACHI Line / CHUO Line)
30 sec. on foot from Exit 3. No need to cross any street from the exit, you will find “BURGAR KING” just ahead on your left. We are located on the 6th floor at the same building, Tani-yon Square.

Take the elevator to the 6th floor, you will find our office on the far left.
Penguin sign is welcoming you!

Direction from KEIHAN Line: If you take KEIHAN line from Kyoto, why don’t you take 10 minutes walk? Get out at the East Exit (東口), then go straight along Tanimachi-suji to the south. You will find “Tanimachi 3” intersection, where you see the exit of Tanimachi 4-chome Station and BURGER KING across the street.

地下鉄谷町線・中央線 谷町四丁目駅

3番出口上がってすぐ前方左、1Fにバーガーキング(BURGER KING)、2Fに三井リハウスが入る「谷四スクエアビル」です。6階エレベーターを降りて左側の一番奥です。


京阪電車 天満橋駅東口からは、谷町筋沿いを南に谷町3丁目の交差点までまっすぐ徒歩約10分です