Our advisor in charge takes care of your case from the first stage – consultation, preparation of documents, submission of application, communication of authorities as well as suppelental advice.

The flow of procedures would be different depends on the case. This flowchart is applied to COE/change/extention application in general.

Processing period depends on types of visa status, types of procedures and so on. There are some cases that will take more months after filing at Immigration Bureau.

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1.Initial Consultation

  • We will help you to find out whether you satify the requirement or not. If not, we will give you relevant suggestions and solutions.
  • It may incur our fees in case your inquiry requires any investigation/confirmation to reply. In that case, we will respond you with our answer in general at first and propose our estimate/quotation for further consultation.
  • Inquiry about setting up a company is welcome for those who wishing to acquire BUSINESS MANAGER visa status.
  • We will explain how your case shall be processed and other details and provide estimate (total cost of our fees and actual expenses) after the consultation in advance of starting your case.

2.Start Your Case after Payment

  • Retainer fee shall be charged to start your case. We will send you the invoice through email.
  • As soon as we confirm your payment, we will proceed to the preparation for your application. We will provide the list of necessary documents for your case and templates for some proof documents.
  • Regarding notes for our fees, please check NOTES / REMARKS on FEE SCHEDULE page.

3.Prepare for the application

  • In case that the applicant is in a difficult and complicated situation, Immigration Lawyer will consult with Immigration Office in advance in order to find out the best way to apply.
  • Visa application requires documents to certify your background and visa sponsor etc. Please be cooporative to find the right document for your case.
  • Please provide true documents – it is relatively easy to find out inconsistency of documents if you provide wrong and false documents. Please tell us if you don’t have the documents we ask. In most of case, we can advise alternative/equivalent documents for your case.

4.Submit Application to the Immigration Office

  • After all the documents are ready, we will submit your application to the Immigration Office.
  • Processing period depends on the case and situation. Please note that the Immigration Office will not tell us specific schedule of screening and the date of completion of screening.
  • Except for COE application, we need the original of your Residence card and Passport at the time of application and receipt of your new Residence Card or Permission. You will need to bring a copy of the origial with you – we will give you the copy with our information, stating we are keeping the original to process your application.

5.Deal with questions/requests from the Immigration Office

  • We will deal with additional documents in case that Immigration Office requests it.
  • Our licensed immigration lawyer will attend you in case Immigration Office asks you for an interview (*rare case) .

6.Completion of screening

  • The result will be sent to our office .
  • In case of Approval, we will pick up your COE or Residence Card at the Immigraion Office and pass it to you.
  • In case of Denial, we will contact the Immigration Office and ask them the reason. If it is not crucial, we will move to re-application with your concent as soon as possible.
  • We will take care of re-application within the limit of the prior estimate. In case the situation has been changed or should be changed, we may need additional fees with mutual consent.

7.After Approval

  • We will give you supplemental advise for your future application or immigration procedures.
  • We will send the final invoice for remaining of our fees and actual expenses.
  • Feel free to contact us if you need our assistance regarding your visa and other administrative procedures in the future.
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