SCT stands for “Specified Commercial Transactions”.

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Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Name of Entity and the Responsible Person

i-socia Advisors
ISHIDA Tomohiko, representative Gyosei-shoshi

行政書士 石田友彦


Tani-yon Square Bldg. 6F, 1-2-15 Uchihommachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 5400026 JAPAN

540-0026 大阪市中央区内本町1−2−15 谷四スクエアビル6F

Method of Inquiry

Should you have any inquiry, please contact us through Inquiry Form.
Act of any sales and PR using our Inquiry Form is strongly prohibited.

Our fees

Our basic fee schedule is liested on FEE SCHEDULE.

Should you refer to the fee schedule first and we will provide an estimate for your case after checking the details. We cannot provide any estimate without necessary information.

Other fees and expenses

Consumption tax (消費税) will be charged additionally when our fees and other expenses don’t include the tax.

Other fees and expenses will be;

  1. Certificates we received on your behalf (e.g. Certificate of Company Register or Real Estate Register / Tax Payment Certificate / Tax/Income Certificate / Extract of Family Register / Certificate of Residence etc.)
  2. Registration Tax (登録免許税)
  3. Application tax or charges (申請料、登録料)
  4. Revenue Stamp (印紙代、証紙代)
  5. Postage, shipping charge and packaging materials
  6. Charges for Postal Money Order (定額小為替手数料)
  7. Travel expenses
  8. Fees to be paid for the Third Party (e.g. analysis institute, translator/interpreter etc.)
  9. Other actual expenses incurred to process the case

We will provide an estimate for these expenses and will charge them separated from our fees.

Method of Payment

We accept the payment by the following method;

  1. Cash
  2. Bank transfer
  3. Credit Card
  4. PayPal
  5. QR Cord Payment(PayPay)

Should you kindly bear all the bank remittance charges concerned with yourself in case of the payment through bank transfer.

Period of Payment

  1. To start the case
    We propose an estiamte for your case in advance. Retainer to start the case will be half or all of our fees (non-refundable). We will issue the requrest form and the invoice for the retainer and will start your case after we confirm your payment for the retainer.
  2. At the time of application/submission or completion of the work
    We will bill you for the remainder of our fees and actual expenses.
  3. Completion of the work
    We will bill you for unsettled payment if any.

Process Timeline

We propose the process timeline for your case in advance. The timeline may be changed/revised due to the work circumstances. In case that we could not receive requesting documents from the client as scheduled/planned or we could not obtain cooperation from the client, we cannot process the case as proposed.

Cancellation and Withdrawal

Cancellation/withdrawal of application or other procedures can be possible at any time, however, we will charge our fees and actual expenses that we have already processed for your case by the time of cancellation/withdrawal.

Fees and expenses already prepaid cannot be refund except for the reasons below;

  • Incorrect amount of the payment
  • Unused amount of expenses prepaid

We will process the refund as soon as possible. Should you kindly bear all the bank remittance charges concerned with yourself.

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