J-FIND VISA: If you are a graduate of distinguished university and want to work in Japan…

Eager to find a job or start business in Japan?

If you have graduated from distinguished university listed on List of Universities eligible for J-Find provided by the Immigration Office as well as has not passed over 5 years on the date of application, there is a visa status called as “J-Find”.

J-Find is a visa status to support more highly-educated foreign nationals to have an opportunity to work or start business in Japan. This visa status allows you to stay in Japan for a maximum of 2 years for job hunting and preparation for business setup.

Check our web page below for the details.

You should contact the Japan Embassy/Consulate-General in your residence area for the J-Find visa application first if you are currently living outside Japan. Usually, you may apply for this visa directly without the COE at the Japan Embassy/Consulate-General in your residence country.