If you wish to work in Japan

If you wish to work in Japan, the first thing you should consider is what type of visa status you should apply for and how you should process it.

NOTE: If you would like to engage in the work applicable to Specified Skilled Worker (Tokutei-Ginou / 特定技能), such as care worker, hospitality services, construction work, etc. or Technical Intern Training (Ginou-Jissu / 技能実習), you need to take steps different from what you see on this page.

Please check the webpage provided by the Immigration Office if you wish to work as a Specified Skilled Worker;
Specified Skilled Worker (Tokutei-Ginou / 特定技能) >> https://www.moj.go.jp/isa/policies/ssw/nyuukokukanri06_00064.html

For those who live outside Japan, the most difficult process is to find a job while you are living outside Japan. However, thanks to the internet, you may look for a job and get through to the HR section online.

Please refer to the following page for general information on “To Work in Japan”;